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Vehicle Wraps

Maximum impact

Digitally printed vehicle wraps or colour change wraps allow maximum creativity and impact when it comes to vehicle advertising.

  • Eye catching, head turning graphics in full colour are limited only by your imagination.
  • Use of single colour or specialty films such as carbon fibre applied to specific areas of your vehicle or your entire vehicle can completely transform the look.
  • Vehicle wraps have been shown in numerous studies to represent by far the best value for money when it comes to advertising over the long term, far outstripping the exposure from more traditional mediums. 



Experience, know-how, gear

The team at Concept have many years of experience at designing and applying vehicle wraps, ensuring that you get the best results – not just when it leaves our shop, but in the long term as well.

We utilise the latest Adobe design software to create unique, effective wrap designs, and use only reputable vinyls from  3M and Avery ensuring your graphics look their best for years to come.

All our vehicle graphics are printed on our large format HP printers using latest generation latex inks (solvent free), enabling us to create stunning colours while still maintaining fade resistance and protecting the environment at the same time.


Our vehicle bay is set up with bright lighting and radiant heating to ensure optimal conditions are met for vehicle application, no matter what time of year it is.

All our vehicle application team are trained and qualified, allowing us to offer comprehensive guarantees on all our installations, both for the film and the workmanship.

Any vehicle, any business

Any vehicle is suitable for wrapping, from the smallest car to the biggest truck or bus, and any business will benefit from the brand exposure vehicle wrapping permits, no matter what the size of the busines, or who the target market might be.

Window treatments

Traffic safety laws dictate what graphics are able to be applied to vehicle windows, with non-compliance resulting in failed Warrants of Fitness, and potentially infringement notices.

Commercial vehicles such as vans, utes, and some 4WD vehicles are permitted to have any graphics on the windows, including completely covering them, as long as the windows are behind the driver of the vehicle. This gives a great deal of freedom when designing the vehicle wrap.

Unfortunately, sedans and station wagons with rear seats and seatbelts are only allowed to have graphics encroaching on to any window space by relatively small amounts thus restricting the design freedom to a certain extent.

“Window Vision” is a special self adhesive film which has thousands of tiny perforations punched through it. The film can be printed on the outside surface as with normal films, but the perforations allow those inside the vehicle to see out through the film, while from the outside the printed graphics remain visible. This film is often used on buses and vans where completely covering the windows with opaque film is undesirable.

Full or partial wraps

While full coverage wraps are quite possible, often maximum value is gained by selecting certain areas of the vehicle to wrap.

Larger, flatter panels such as the vehicle sides are not only more visible, but are also quicker and easier to apply film to than bumpers for example. Further, New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions mean that printed films have a relatively short life expectancy on horizontal surfaces such as bonnets and roofs. (1 to 2 years, as opposed to 3 to 5 for vertical surfaces).

The film is relatively easy to remove when it is time to replace the vehicle, and will not damage the paintwork in any way.

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