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Promotional Vehicle Graphics

Cost effective advertising

Digital vehicle graphics are such an effective advertising medium that often the expense of designing, printing and applying the graphics can be justified even for relatively short term promotions.

Significant savings can be made by using short term film and by not laminating the print, but the resulting graphics are still good for approx 6 -12 months.


Quick and easy removal

The vinyl can be easily removed at the end of the promotion without damage to the vehicle paintwork. 

There is no limit to what can be produced, our large format printers produce a full gamut of bright, eye-catching colours using environmentally friendly Latex inks.

The prints can be combined with coloured computer-cut vinyl text and logos, also utilising cost effective short term films.

A versatile promotional medium

Whether you are promoting a concert or event, the vehicle itself, or in fact anything at all, seriously consider a short term promotional vehicle graphic job as part of your advertising campaign.

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