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Footpath Signs

Unique advantages

They are the ideal tool to attract passing pedestrians into your shop – because they are usually placed perpendicular to traffic flows they are more visible than window or fascia signage to passers-by.

Also, if you are remote from the flow, such as in a mall or arcade, they can direct people to you.



They are a cost effective solution which allows you to extend the reach of your branding beyond your premises and directly into the pedestrian flow.

Remember, they are “impact” signs, and work best by having a short but powerful message to capture interest quickly.

Wind considerations

Be aware that the occasional strong winds in Wellington mean that a footpath sign is not always a viable option. The wind has the potential to uplift even the most carefully designed and weighted footpath sign, and there may well be days when it is neither wise nor safe to put them outside. In particularly windy locations, it may be unwise to use them at all – please talk to our staff about possible alternatives.

Generally footpath signs must be restricted to a size of 900mm high by 600mm wide to comply with local council bylaws. They must also be constructed in a manner which is unlikely to injure pedestrians, eg; no sharp edges. Some City Councils (for example Wellington) also requires a permit, obtained by paying an annual fee.

Any imagery in full colour

While there are a number of different types of footpath sign available, the majority we supply consist of a weighted polyethylene base with a double sided 4mm ACM graphic panel inserted into it. These are robust, cost effective, and well proven.

We produce the graphics by direct to substrate printing, and over-coating the printed graphics with a hard wearing two pack clear coating. This method means that any graphics can be utilised, text, illustrations and/or images in full colour, with no issues of peeling or delaminating.

Custom options

We can use our computer controlled profile cutting equipment to custom shape the sign panel, to ensure that your sign stands out from the others.

We can also incorporate whiteboard or blackboard panels into the graphics for promoting specials etc, or can place slide tracks onto the surface to suit interchangeable panels.

Design considerations

Our design staff are well versed in producing professional sign designs which are sure to impress you and your customers, either working from scratch or working with ideas you have already generated.

We are also able to work with graphic files produced by your chosen designer, and run all the latest graphic software to ensure that the production runs smoothly. If you are intending to work on your own design, click here to see our Print Specifications for forwarding to your designer.

If you require more information please give us a call or contact us here.

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