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Face Lit and Halo Lit Lettering

The advantages of LEDs

LEDs have revolutionised illuminated sign manufacture in recent years. Due to their small size, low voltage, energy efficiency, long life and low heat output, effects that were simply not possible a few years ago are now becoming mainstream, allowing creative freedom at reasonable costs.

They are particularly useful for making internally lit formed lettering (channel letters) and for backlighting 3D letters to give a “halo” effect. The superior features of LED based systems means that they are quickly making neon and fluorescent based systems obsolete.


Good for the environment

LED’s use less than half the power than the equivalent fluorescent tube, and last many times as long.¬† They are equally at home in exterior environments, and their low voltage makes them a safer product than fluorescent or neon.

Never slow to take up new technology, the team at Concept have been working with LED technology for many many years, and have successfully incorporated LEDs into a considerable number of projects.

3D for added effect

Utilising our CNC router and in-house spray bake oven, we can combine LED lighting with 3 dimensional, professionally finished signage for some stunning creative effects.

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