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Building Signs

Cost effective advertising

The building in which a business is housed is an ideal potential advertising medium – a commercial, industrial, or retail building often has large, uninterrupted space available to exploit for advertising purposes. Council bylaws state that up to one third of the available frontage may be utilised for signage. Once sign-written, your building essentially becomes a permanent “billboard” advertisement for your business.

Relatively high exposure (depending on location), reasonable initial cost, and long term duration mean building signage is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available.


Cost Effective Advertising

The easiest way to install a sign is directly to a building, as it eliminates the need to build a separate structure to support the sign. It can be accomplished either by producing signboards which are subsequently fixed to the building, or by applying signage directly to the building surface.

Superior signboards

We use ACM, (Aluminium Composite Material) as a sign substrate. These panels are manufactured by sandwiching a sheet of 4 mm polyethylene between two thin sheets of aluminium, which is sprayed in a white weatherproof coating in the factory. The panels are very rigid and flat, relatively lightweight and cost effective, and completely impervious to the weather; far superior to older sign substrates such as plywood.

Flat-bed printing

All our exterior flat sheet signage is manufactured by printing directly to the sign substrate using uv curable ink. For this purpose we have installed a state of the art flat- bed printer, capable of printing directly to any substrate up to 50 mm thick, and up to 3 metres long by 1.5 metres wide.

Anti-graffiti coating

While the ink used is waterproof and fade resistant for a short time, we spray the signs with an automotive grade two pack clear coat and cure it in our spray bake oven to prolong it’s lifespan. The resulting sign panel is a high gloss, super hard, scratch resistant and weather proof unit which cannot rot, delaminate or peel, and if it is attacked with graffiti, it can simply be wiped clean with a proprietary graffiti removal spray.  This method of manufacture has several advantages over more traditional methods.

– It results in a superior product which is anti graffiti coated as standard.
– It significantly reduces the labour required to make the sign and hence the cost.
– It substantially reduces waste, with no carrier films or harmful PVCs used in the process.

Hand lettering

While modern sign making methods such as computer cutting and digital printing dominate sign production these days, there are still occasions where it is more practical to utilise the more traditional method of hand brushing lettering and logos directly to the building. This presents no problem for the team at Concept, where we have a number of staff who are qualified and experienced with using these methods.


The design can consist of photographic images, illustrative elements, text and logos, or a combination of all of these. Our design staff are well versed in producing professional sign designs which are guaranteed to impress you and your customers, either working from scratch or working with ideas you have already generated. We are also able to work with graphic files produced by third parties, and run the latest up to date Adobe Suite software ensuring that the production runs smoothly. If you are intending to work on your own design, please click here to download our print specifications.


We not only produce the signs, but also look after the installation requirements. We own our own scaffold towers and other height access equipment, and are well versed in the use of third party access equipment such as scissor and boom lifts.

Reflecting our commitment to health and safety, Concept has been awarded Green Sitewise accreditation, so you can rest assured we will look after all the H&S requirements.

All our installation crew are Site Safe certified, and hold Elevated Working Platform qualifications.

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