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Coreflute Signs

Cost Effective and Versatile

Interior and exterior, bright, full colour, and quick turn-around, coreflute signs are the ideal promotional tool in almost any situation. They will last indefinitely indoors, and around a year outside. They are the most cost effective type of signs available with an incomparable cost per square metre.


Lightweight and Durable

Coreflute is a trade name for fluted polypropylene sheet. Most people recognise it as “that real estate sign stuff”. It is lightweight, waterproof, rigid, and very reasonably priced.

These properties mean that it is particularly useful for short term promotional signs where cost is more important than longevity.

A Wide Range of Thicknesses

Coreflute comes in sheets of up to 1200mm x 2400mm, in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm.

3mm is only suitable for smaller signs, and is usually only used in interior situations.

5mm is the most commonly used thickness, used both inside and outside, and rigid enough to be useful even at its full sheet size.

6mm and 8mm versions tend to be used less frequently, when extra rigidity or robustness is necessary.

State of the Art Printing Technology

We print directly to the coreflute using our Mimaki JFX500 flat bed UV printer, which has a maximum print size of 1500mm x 300mm! This method avoids the use of a self adhesive print film, which has several significant advantages, namely:

  • Reduced cost of material – we completely avoid the cost of the vinyl.
  • Less labour required – no need to apply the printed vinyl film to the coreflute.
  • Lower environmental impact – PVC film manufacture is not good for the planet.
  • No VOC’s – UV printing does not produce the volatile organic compounds produced by the solvent inks required for printing to vinyl film.

And Very Quick Too!

Direct printing also means incredibly quick turn around is possible – there is no dry time required whatsoever, the ink is cured as it is printed. The sheet is loaded into one side of the printer, and exits out of the other, immediately ready to be installed with no further processing necessary. Full colour, weatherproof signs are literally produced in minutes.

Bulk Signs – No Worries!

These days, direct digital printing is cost competitive with traditional screen printing on full colour signs until the print runs get into the hundreds, so whether you need just one, or a van load, we can look after your needs.

After the Printing

Coreflute can be easily cut to shape, either with a knife, or on our CNC router. It can also be folded, allowing it to be used to form rigid and self supporting point of sale displays easily and cost effectively. We can also insert eyelets through the coreflute to aid fixing.

If you are ordering signs too large to pick up, we can deliver to your door, and of course we also have plenty of experience in installing coreflute signs for temporary situations, so if you need us to look after that as well, just let us know, we have an install crew out and about in Wellington almost every day.

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