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Stickers & Labels

Limitless options

Short term or long term; small or large; one or many; square, round, or custom shaped, any colours, there are simply limitless options on how we can produce stickers for your business.

Short run outdoor durable stickers are now an affordable reality due to digital print and cut technology. The days of high set up costs required for screens and dies are gone forever. Digital files are printed directly to self adhesive PVC film, which is cut to shape in a seamless operation.


Low set up costs

Because the stickers are produced from a digital file, and cut in the same operation as they are printed, they can be cut to literally any shape, with the only set up time is that to create the shape on a graphics software package. Furthermore, the size is limited only by the size of the film going into the machine, so stickers can be made up to 1500mm wide. The inks used to print are bright and vivid, and any colour can be best matched to suit corporate logos etc.

We produce your labels and stickers on our HP Latex printer. The latex inks are water-based rather than solvent, minimising any detrimental environmental impacts. Although the latex ink is water-based, once it is cured, it is fully water and weatherproof (much like acrylic paint.)

Design options

Whilst we have a qualified and experienced graphic designer on our staff who we would love you to utilise, we are also more than happy to print from files supplied. Click here to download a copy of our Print Guidelines to ensure that the the files you supply are compatible with our processes

Short or long term

There are a variety of films available, from short term low cost films with removable adhesive, through to more expensive conformable films with greater weathering properties and permanent adhesives. Without lamination, the printed stickers will be good outdoors for two to three years, but for a modest extra cost we can laminate a clear film over the ink to double the expected life. For indoor use, protected from the weather, the stickers will last more or less indefinitely.

Multiple uses

Vinyl stickers can be used for an almost unlimited number of uses; branding, identification, short term promotions, give-aways, safety and compliance, low volume packaging and delivery labels to name a few.

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