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Pylon and Plinth Signs

Impact and presence

While it is more cost effective to mount signs to an existing structure such as a building, sometimes this option is not practical. This is when a freestanding sign is called for.

They are often used to supplement building signage, particularly when the building is set back from the road. By placing a freestanding sign perpendicular to the street and placing graphics on both sides, your business becomes instantly more visible to traffic coming down the road from both directions.

Pylon and plinth signs are the ultimate in free-standing signs. They offer an impact and presence unmatched by other types of signs.


Internally illuminated

To gain further impact, and increase the sign’s effectiveness, they can be internally illuminated using LEDs. Adding three dimensional lettering will also increase impact, and create a more upmarket and sophisticated image.


Because these signs are usually relatively large they need to be solidly built and professionally installed to withstand the wind loadings placed on them. For this reason we build the signs with a welded steel internal structure which is bolted to a purpose made steel reinforced concrete foundation. Our preferred cladding material is Aluminium Composite Material, or ACM, a sign construction material consisting of two thin sheets of aluminium sandwiching a polyethylene core. This material is very flat, rigid, cost effective, versatile, and weatherproof, making it ideal for sign production.

Design considerations

There are actually two separate design aspects necessary when building these signs, the architectural and engineering component, and the graphic design component. We have qualified and experienced staff on our team for both aspects and can produce something from scratch, or work with any ideas you may have and turn them into reality. Alternatively, we are happy to work with third parties of your choosing for either component of the design. Modern sign production techniques mean there is no limit to the graphics that can be placed on the sign, text, illustrations, or photographs may all be employed in the overall design.

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