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Post & Panel Signs

Versatile and cost-effective

When there is no building to install your sign on to, a free-standing unit is called for. The most versatile and cost-effective free-standing unit is known as a “Post and Panel” sign, for reasonably obvious reasons.

Whilst the style of these signs remains reasonably consistent, the materials that both the posts and the panels are manufactured from can differ widely, depending on the degree of permanence and the look which is required.

We use timber, aluminium, or steel for the posts, and usually aluminium composite material (ACM) for the panels.


Rough sawn timber posts

Rough sawn treated timber posts left without paint or stain work well with these macrocarpa slab signs for a rustic look.



Fluted aluminium posts

Round powder coated fluted aluminium posts are available in a range of diameters to suit different circumstances.

They go well with ACM panels and are a great solution for utilitarian directional and informational signs.

The graphics can be reflective for 24 hour visibility.

Notice boards

The panels can have lockable weather-proof notice boards built into them enabling users to change messages or display notifications.

3 dimensional CNC router-cut lettering and logos can also be used to add impact and sophistication.

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