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Parks & Reserves Signs

Visually Balanced

The natural setting in which parks and reserves signs are positioned means that they need to be designed to be sympathetic to their surroundings, and yet still be visible and get noticed. As such, we utilise materials, construction techniques, colours, etc, that are chosen to carefully balance these two important parameters.


Environmentally Sound

When constructing these signs, we use manufacturing methods which are deliberately designed to have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. By utilising NZ grown sustainable timbers, and minimising plastics in their construction, we achieve a result which is not only eco-friendly, but also doesn’t jar with it’s setting. When printing is required for these signs, we use our direct-to-substrate printer exclusively. The inks that this machine utilises release no VOCs into the atmosphere, and no PVC film or adhesives are required in the process.

Robust and Vandal Resistant

The often remote location of these signs means that they need to be constructed to be robust – both vandal resistant and weatherproof. By carving the lettering into timber, there is nothing to peel off, nothing to fade, nothing to fail. When printed material is necessary, such as for map and informational signs, we coat the inks and substrate with a high gloss two pack clear which enables graffiti to be wiped off. Over the years we have refined our processes to maximise longevity, and minimise ongoing maintenance requirements, resulting in signs which last many, many years.

A Wealth of Experience

Concept Sign and Display have been the preferred supplier of parks and reserves signs to Wellington City Council for many years now. This extensive experience means that we have built up an enviable store of knowledge across all the relevant facets, from design through construction, and on to installation. Over the years we have developed equipment and techniques, both in manufacturing and installation, which mean that we can streamline these processes, leading to cost effective and proven results.

Complete Solution

Not only do we design and construct these signs, we also have a dedicated and experienced installation team, who are equipped to deal with any possible challenges, no matter how remote.

Partner with an experienced and skilled team for this vital part of your infrastructure.

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