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Carved Timber Signs

Rustic and Robust

Often used to name farms, lifestyle blocks, subdivisions and parks, and also used extensively as walking track identification and directional markers.

Traditional timber signs offer a unique look and feel, combining the natural attractiveness of timber with a relatively vandal proof structure and low visual impact.


Environmentally friendly

Using no plastics or metals, very little paint, and untreated macrocarpa, it is difficult to think of a more eco-friendly option for signage. Unlike most signs, they have a look which blends into rural environments, avoiding an overly commercial image which jars with the surroundings.


Made from macrocarpa, these signs will last literally for decades, and as they age and weather, they blend further into their surroundings. Their robust nature means they are unlikely targets for vandals, and any graffiti can simply be sanded off.

Macrocarpa is a modestly priced timber which has an attractive grain and colour, and which has natural weathering properties (no treatment is necessary to prevent rot). Other timbers can be used, and you are welcome to source your own. The slabs can be left with natural edges for a more rustic look, or milled into rectangles for more consistency.


Normally the lettering is infilled with a dark coloured exterior acrylic paint for contrast, but it can be left unpainted for a more natural look. While the timber surface can be oiled to retain a newer look, it is not necessary for protection, the timber will not rot, and will simply become more grey as it weathers.

There is no limitation on the design, any fonts or simple graphics can be utilised. We can design a suitable layout to your requirements, or we can work with designs that you have developed yourself.


Macrocarpa is a plentiful timber in NZ, and therefore very reasonably priced. Furthermore, the modern manufacturing methods we employ to make these signs means that we can keep costs to a minimum. Contact us for a quote to supply your sign, as you will be pleasantly surprised by the good value we can offer.


Most often the signs are installed onto treated pine posts, but they can also be mounted directly to gates, fences, or buildings. If a suitable structure is available, they can also look good when hung from galvanised chain. Installation can be professionally taken care of by our experienced staff, or we are happy to assist with advice if you wish to look after this yourself.

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