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Exhibition Displays

Versatile and innovative

A successful display often has many components, including high resolution large format printing, three dimensional lettering and effects, illuminated features, and backlit transparencies, for example. Our team is well versed in not only producing these different items, but in bringing them together to create a cohesive display which attracts attention, and then holds it

Exceptional quality print

Our JFX500 Mimaki printer has photo quality printing, up to 1200 x 1200 dpi using 6 colour CMYK plus white ink.

The use of white ink allows us to print more vibrant colours on non white substrates, as the coloured ink sits on top of the white ink,  giving it more opacity.  Alternatively, where we want stand out colour on illuminated panels, we print the colour on the back of the acrylic, then we back up the whole print with white ink.  This gives deep, intense colour which really stands out.

Experienced and proven

We have extensive experience working with a number of large and notable museums. To meet the extremely high standards necessary to work at this level requires a dedication to quality which is second to none, while often working to tight deadlines at the same time. Concept have proven time and again that they can meet the challenges that this type of work presents.

Talk to our team

Remember, quality exhibition displays are not just the domain of galleries and museums, but also sophisticated retail window displays, in-store promotions, corporate boardrooms, and trade booth situations. Whatever your particular requirements are, talk to the team at Concept to get advice on what is possible, and how we can turn your ideas into reality.

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