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Reception Signs

First Impressions Count!

Instantly convey a polished and professional impression with an elegant reception sign.

Your reception sign is often the first point of visual contact that people have with your business, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in a sign which impresses your visitors.


Creative Design

Reception signs are usually 3 dimensional, which adds impact and sophistication, creating a strong focal point for the decor of your reception area.

Our designers are fully conversant with all the possibilities in the techniques and materials available, or we can work with designs from your nominated architect or designer. Either way, you will be amazed at how the team at Concept can transform your logo into a 3 dimensional work of art for your office.

Expert Production

Our guys have a huge amount of skill and experience in the design and manufacture of high quality indoor signage, as evidenced by the photos on this page.

Depending on your requirements, we can combine contrasting textures, materials and colours for impact or to match your corporate branding. Creative use of spot and flood lighting in conjunction with the 3D signage can also enhance the overall effect.

LED Lighting

The technological advancements made over recent years in LED lighting have made a huge difference to the possibilities and options when it comes to illuminating reception signs.

Because LED modules can be made so small and unobtrusive, and because they emit such low levels of heat, they can be mounted directly into the backs of individual letters, creating subtle “halo” lighting effects.

The LED modules come in a variety of colours and intensity, and all the wiring and transformers can be completely hidden from view inside the wall linings. Furthermore, they are incredibly energy efficient, and last as long as ten years if properly installed.

In-House Facilities

The in-house equipment we have available for manufacturing high end signage is simply unrivalled in Wellington.

Our computer controlled profile cutting machines, full plastic fabrication facilities, dedicated spray bake oven, and direct-to-substrate printers mean that we can produce outstanding work while maintaining control over quality, deadlines and costs.

A One Stop Shop

We are seeing a huge upsurge in demand for custom printed wallpapers and wall graphics for corporate office areas.

When 3D recetion signs are used in conjunction with these printed walls, the results can be truly spectacular!

Our large format print department are able to produce these wall graphics, meaning Concept can be your one-stop shop for all your corporate decor needs.

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