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Murals & Wall Graphics

Stunning results

One of the the most impressive uses of large format digital printing is the production of large interior murals. Using high resolution wide format printers, we print direct to PVC free wallpaper or self adhesive film with vivid fade resistant and waterproof latex inks, and then carefully apply the resulting image direct to the interior wall. Combined with good design the result is more often than not nothing short of stunning.


Permanent or temporary

By using high quality vinyl film, and printing at higher resolutions we can produce work which will remain looking perfect for many many years, but where a mural is being installed for temporary promotions (say up to six months) economies can be made in material choices which will bring the cost down to a more affordable level.

As big as you like!

The printed panels are 1350mm wide, and run the full height of the mural, so there are very few joins. The joins that are necessary where the panels meet are almost invisible. We have successfully completed murals longer than eighty metres, and over three meters high, but there is no real limit to the overall size achievable.

Anywhere you like!
Potential applications include office receptions and meeting rooms, retail environments, public buildings, hoardings and trade shows – in fact, anywhere you can find a flat clear wall space and a potential audience!

3D elements

Added impact can be easily added to a printed wall mural with the addition of 3D elements. We can produce text and logos on our CNC cutting equipment and spray or print them to suit. When installed over the top of the wall graphic, the results form an eye-catching display that really “pops”.

Hard wearing and washable

The latex inks are fully water-proof, and the vinyl option is water resistant, so the murals are very hard wearing and fully washable, and they can be installed in busy, high wear pedestrian areas with absolute confidence.

Design considerations

Mural design can consist of photographic images, illustrative elements, text and logos, or a combination of all of these. Our design staff have access to a massive amount of high resolution photographic and illustrative stock to work with, and are well versed in producing stunning large format mural designs which are guaranteed to impress you and your customers. We are also able to work with graphic files produced by third parties, and run all the latest graphic software, to ensure that the production runs smoothly. Because the images are very large, and will possibly be viewed at reasonably close range, care is required to set files correctly, so if you are intending to work on your own design, please make sure you read and understand our Print Specifications first.

Installation considerations

The mural will adhere to almost all interior wall surfaces without lifting or curling, but it is important to realise that fresh acrylic paint will need to be fully cured before the graphic is applied (whilst acrylic paint “dries” in an hour or two, it takes a few weeks to fully cure, and until it reaches this fully cured state, it retains a slightly greasy surface which will cause the graphic to fail). This curing period varies depending on paint type and ambient temperatures, so if you are intending to have us install a mural on a new or refurbished wall, please contact us to discuss painting types and methods, and suitable time frames.

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