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Meet the Team

Meet the hard working people behind the engine that is Concept Sign & Display.

Nick Baty


Nick originally trained as a production engineer, however the desire to be more fulfilled creatively led him to the sign industry in his late twenties.

He started Concept 25 years ago, originally working from a small workshop in High Street, Lower Hutt. In the ensuing years he is proud to have been joined by a number of skilled and loyal people who have combined to grow the company to its present size.

Some of Concept’s current success is no doubt due to Nick’s desire to embrace the technological changes that the industry has seen in the last 20 years. His willingness to innovate and experiment with new technology means that Concept is always pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

He has recently completed a few years as the President of the New Zealand Sign and Display Association, and has also recently stepped down as a judge of the annual New Zealand Sign and Display Awards.

When not working, Nick enjoys DIY and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Fran Macdonald

General Manager

Fran has been with Concept since its inception 25 years ago, firstly in a part time position, moving into full time as the company grew.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree from Victoria University, and her strong work ethic combined with her meticulous nature means that she is an indispensable member of the Concept team.

As well as overseeing the entire operation, Fran works with clients in a Project Management role, ensuring that larger projects go to plan, on time and on budget. She particularly enjoys event and exhibition signage projects which require intensive management working to tight deadlines.

In her spare time, Fran enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and grandkids and likes to get away from it all at her bach on the Kapiti Coast.

Sam Baty

Production Manager

Sam meets daily with all relevant staff and is instrumental in ensuring that all facets of the production processes are scheduled in a co-ordinated and timely manner to ensure we meet deadlines.  He also manages and trains the production team. 

Sam is a qualified builder, a trade which has some clear advantages when it comes to sign installations. So on top pf his management responsibilities, Sam is also our fabrication expert, utilising our CNC router and other fabricating equipment to produce post and panel signs, plinth signs, reception signs, and illuminated signs. Sam is also an experienced spray painter, using our spray-bake oven to apply high quality finishes to his creations.

After hours, Sam is keeping himself busy using his many skills doing up his first house, and spending time with his wife and two young sons.

Carlos de Treend

Account Manager

Carlos is relatively new to the Concept team but comes with 15 years of signage industry experience specialising in project management.

Prior to joining Concept, Carlos was responsible for the rebrand of 20 large format FMCG stores within the Central and Lower North Island playing a critical role at every level from specification through to full implementation, managing 20 active concurrent installation sites, outside of trading hours.

Carlos works with a number of key accounts, and most recently was responsible for managing the rebrand of Sky Stadium.

When not at work, Carlos enjoys exploring the wilderness with his son and photographing the beautiful, wild terrain of Aotearoa with his partner.


Ronan Murphy

Graphic and Prepress Operator

Ronan is the newest addition to the production staff at Concept.

With a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from his home country of Ireland, Ronan’s skill set is invaluable in ensuring that our graphics department runs like a well oiled machine.

Ronan spends his free time out and about getting to know New Zealand, in particular the great outdoors.

Alan Baty

Digital Print Operator

Alan holds a New Zealand Certificate in Quality Assurance and has spent over 20 years in quality assurance work in the manufacturing industry. He’d been 19 years in the engineering industry before joining Concept over 10 years ago.

Alan operates all Concept’s large format digital printers. As a good print operator Alan needs to be familiar with the use of various substrates, inks and laminates and uses his QA qualifications and experience to ensure Concept maintains consistently high standards across this critical aspect of its business. He constantly strives to maintain and improve standards in colour matching, print quality and related issues.

Print operating is a pivotal role and can require intensive concentration to avoid material wastage and maximise efficiency. When the pressure has been on to complete large projects, Alan has been available 24/7. He enjoys being ‘hands-on’ and the satisfaction of doing the best possible job, every time.

That’s not say he doesn’t enjoy his time off though.  Alan’s a keen motorcyclist, a pool and snooker player, and gets the most out of every moment with his family.

Terrance Bingley

Sign Maker and Installer

Terrance is a keen and professional sign maker and installer,  performing multiple tasks associated with modern sign making and installation.  He is well experienced in installing post and panel signs, including digging holes all most Wellington parks as well as the south coast!

Terrance’s quiet dependable nature means that he has quickly become an indispensable member of our team, making sure that our clients signs and displays are completed and installed efficiently and to high quality standards.

When not at work, Terrance loves getting his hands dirty working on his cars, which seems to be a never-ending job!

Peter Henderson

Signmaker and Installer

Pete’s extensive 30 years of experience in the industry, combined with his steady and reliable attitude means that he is a valued member of the production team.  He has been with Concept for over 10 years, and over that period has proved himself an indispensable part of the production and installation crew.

He has a site safety passport, and is very experienced with all installation work, and he is also our “go to guy” for the more traditional aspects of the trade such as hand-painted lettering and gold leaf.

Off-duty, Pete is an avid golfer, enjoys off-road running, and is an active and involved dog owner.

Jesse Henderson


Jesse is a relatively new comer, having signed up to learn the trade.  He started off in the deep end, learning graphics preparation and application from vinyl cut lettering through to hoardings.  In a matter of months – he was like an old pro!

When not at work,  Jesse enjoys making music and playing the guitar, getting out in the outdoors, tinkering on cars (hoping they might work) and playing in the ocean.

Ben Hillier


Ben is our newest arrival, and keen to learn all about signs.  He enjoys working with his hands so involved him in installation from the outset.  He’s  keen and eager to learn which is infectious to those around him.

Outside of hours, Ben is a keen drummer and music maker.  Looking like the sterotypical surfer, he doesn’t disappoint – and enjoys getting out in the waves.

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