Window Signs

The ideal signage medium

Window graphics present the best possible eye-level opportunities to grab the attention of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


Combining bright and vibrant colours with eye-level placement draws potential customer's eyes to the window, and hence through to the shop interior.


Design and application

Whilst we have a qualified and experienced graphic designer on our staff who we would love you to utilise, we are also more than happy to print from files supplied. Click here for a copy of our Print Guidelines to ensure that the the files you supply are compatible with our processes.


Self adhesive vinyl film is computer cut or digitally printed on our large format machines before being applied to the glass. Digital printing means that there is no limitation to the graphics which can be reproduced; text, illustrations, or photographs.


In permanent applications, the film is normally applied to the inside of the glazing, thereby protecting it from premature weathering and vandals. When the time comes, the graphics can be removed without trace, with no risk of damage to the glass.



Sometimes it is necessary to block out a window, usually to hide shelving or other shop fittings up against the inside of the glass.


By covering the window with sign graphics, the blocked out windows can become a huge advertising hoarding, effectively killing two birds with one stone.


Ideal for temporary promotions

Windows are also good for temporary promotional signs using budget removable film, often used in conjunction with an interior window display.


Also useful for promotional window graphics is "window vision" - a special printable self adhesive film which is perforated, allowing a person inside the building to see through the film.


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