Window Etch Film


There is possibly no more economical way to add sophistication, privacy and subtle branding to your office environment.


Window etch film, sometimes referred to as frosting, is a translucent self adhesive vinyl film used to decorate clear glass windows, both exterior and interior. It emulates traditional sandblasted or acid etched effects, but without the high associated costs or the resulting permanence. It lends a sophisticated appearance to it's surroundings and it's relatively low cost means it is a very popular feature in modern office environments.


It is often utilised to increase privacy in office environments, either used in full sheets, or with  subtle patterns or motifs cut into it or printed on to it for added effect. Whilst it prevents people seeing through, it does not stop light transmission, and so does not darken rooms when applied to the glazing.


It is available in a variety of textures, and a number of distinct patterns, but it's true versatility is realised when it is cut and or printed with our large format equipment. If change is required, it can be removed and replaced without damaging the underlying glass.



It is also used as a branding tool, usually supplementing more overt branding in reception and office areas. Our large format cutters and printers can be used to decorate the film with corporate logos and the like.

Safety and Compliance

Glass panels are required by law to have "vision strips" at waist height to minimise accidental collisions. Etch film is often used for this purpose as it performs the task without being unnecessarily obtrusive. Corporate logos are often combined with the vision strips to increase brand awareness.

Full Service

We design, we process (print and cut) and also install etch film, looking after the entire process, end to end. Over the years we have installed literally thousands of square metres to window areas both large and small. If you think we can help with your project, contact us to see samples and arrange a no obligation consultation.

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