Trade Vehicles

A smart investment

Trades vehicles are out and about being seen by possibly thousands of potential customers every working day.


Given that most of these vehicles are typically owned for three or more years, the cost of a professionally designed signage job translates into easily one of the best advertising investments that a small business can make.


Quality design

Your vehicle is often how your clients gain their first impression of your business.


Because of the importance of first impressions, it makes a lot of sense to invest in quality design for your vehicle advertising. Talk to the team at Concept about the how we can help with this critical aspect of your advertising.



No surprises

Our design team will work with you to come up with the perfect look and feel to get your business. noticed and remembered.


Before any graphics are produced or applied, we will create photo quality mock-up images so that you can see exactly how your finished vehicle will look when it leaves our vehicle bay.


Flexible service

We recognise that your vehicle is an integral part of your business,  and that you can’t work without it,  so we are happy to offer flexible scheduling, applying the graphics after normal work hours or during the weekend.

We are also able to assist in picking up or dropping off the vehicle, or liaising directly with your chosen dealer if you are purchasing a new vehicle.


Simple or complex

The graphics can be as simple as a logo on each of the front doors, or as complex as a full digitally printed wrap, completely transforming your vehicle into a rolling billboard - or of course anything in between.  There is no right or wrong, it just depends on your needs and your budget.

Window treatments

Vehicles registered for commercial use have no legal restrictions on window graphics, as long as the windows in question are behind the driver.

This allows a great deal of versatility when it comes to designing commercial vehicle graphics.

Text and graphics can intrude into the window areas for added effect, and in fact the windows can be completely covered over with opaque film if desired.

One popular solution for commercial vehicle window graphics is a special film called “Window Vision”.  This film is perforated with thousands of tiny holes, which allows graphics to be printed on the exterior surface of the film while still allowing the occupants of the vehicle to see outside.

An added benefit of this film is that it allows privacy from prying eyes, so your expensive tools can’t be seen by opportunists passing by.


20 years experience

If you want to maximise your business profile through the use of eye catching vehicle graphics, give us a call to get the ball rolling.

The team at Concept have 20 years of knowledge and experience in designing and applying commercial vehicle graphics which will vastly improve your company’s impact on the marketplace.


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