Taita Cemetery Entrance Sign


When Hutt City Council came to us for a new entrance sign for the Taita Cemetery, they were looking for something which was clean, modern and robust and yet still sympathetic to the area it was to be situated in.

Step one is design. Using a traditional orange brick column design tied the new sign in with its surroundings, as the entrance gate has similar columns. The brick work also gives the installation a feeling of permanence and stability.


Using Adobe Illustrator to its full potential allowed us to show the Council exactly how the finished sign would look in situ before any construction work commenced. This is a big advantage when there are many people who need to sign off their approval.

We used a local brickie to build the structure to our specs, before we bolted the timber frame in.

The frame is encased in a powdercoated 4mm aluminium

skin, using hidden fixings.

The lettering is cut from solid 10mm aluminium plate on our CNC router before being sent off to the powdercoaters for a coat of high gloss black finish. The letters are drilled and threaded from the back, so there are no fixings showing, and they cannot be tampered with easily.

The finished sign - looks just like our mock-up! The materials and construction methods used for this sign means it will continue to look great for many years to come as well.

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