PVC Banners

Attention Grabbing  Value

Big, bold, bright, and easy to install and remove, banners are by far the most cost-effective way to produce an upcoming event.

Compared to other forms of advertising, it is hard to beat the value of a digitally printed PVC banner erected in a prominent place.


Unparalleled Versatility

Banners can be produced at almost any size, from 300mm x 1000mm right up to 2500mm x 10 or more metres.  They  can be used indoors or outdoors, and hung almost anywhere. Usually made as a singled sided unit, they can be double sided printed if required.

Grand format latex printing

Our huge HP latex printer allows us to print up to 2600mm wide by 50 metres long, using environmentally friendly latex ink technology

Unlimited Design and Colour

They are produced by printing direct to fabric reinforced PVC, using vibrant, waterproof and fade resistant latex inks. Any image can be reproduced, text, graphics, illustrations or photographs.


Reusable and Easy to Transport

If they are stored and installed correctly, banners can be reused over and again, and we can produce them with self adhesive dates which can be changed out for recurring events. Transportation and storage is easy, as they can be simply rolled up, taking up little space.


Installation Considerations

Wellington's notorious winds can play havoc with poorly constructed or installed banners, but Concept's many years of experience means that the banners that we produce and install are extremely robust, and never fail. We use top quality 450gsm banner stock (600gsm for double sided banners), which is double hemmed and grommeted with quality nickel plated eyelets with toothed washers. If you choose to install the banner yourself, we are happy to offer advice on how best to install it to avoid potentially disastrous mishaps.

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