Merchandising & Point of Sale Displays

Skills, Experience and Facilities

We have a qualified industrial designer on our staff, and combined with our direct-to-substrate printer, CNC profile cutting machinery, plastic fabrication equipment and spray-bake painting facility, we are uniquely positioned to design and produce almost any point of sale  display merchandising stand or brochure display that you can imagine.

Permanent or temporary

We are able to design and manufacture robust units for permanent use, but are also fully conversant with materials and techniques to minimise costs (while maintaining quality) for temporary promotional use.

One -off or multiples

The size and versatility of our facility and the wide ranging skills of our staff mean that we can produce one-offs or multiple units at very competitive rates.


We can produce displays designed elsewhere, or work with you to generate a concept through to completion.


We use 3D software so that you can get a feel for how the unit will look before production begins.


On bigger job lots, we are  able to manufacture full size prototypes to ensure that the units will meet the requirements necessary, working with you to adjust and refine the design as necessary.


Give us a call

Our experience working with a very wide range of materials means that you can be assured that high quality, cost effective and eye-catching  displays will be produced on time and on budget.



Give us a call to talk to one of our staff about how we can assist with your next project, or drop into our showroom to see examples of work we have produced to date.


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