Huia Pool Upgrade

As a preferred signage supplier to Hutt City Council, Concept Sign & Display were contracted to work alongside Naylor Love & Wellington City Council Design Department to upgrade Huia Pool. Concept was tasked with specifying, manufacturing, and installing attractive wayfinding solutions customised to the council's needs.

The impressive new main entrance way showcases the new freestanding double sided plinth entrance directory signs, which are two metres tall.  Additionally the large scale computer cut vector graphic acts as the main entrance sign.


Dimensional clear acrylic way finding signs with vector graphics applied to face backed up with

corresponding colours. Colours & pictograms are used throughout the complex to direct patrons.

Cup & Ball mounts enable easy change out.

Routed white acrylic pictograms face fixed to existing Marine plywood with a colour makeover

adds a new level of professionalism and elegance to this original segment of the pool.

The Large Scale computer cut vector graphic applied over cladding constructed by Naylor Love adds a new dimension to the entrance way. The bold use of colour helps direct patrons to the new entrance

of Huia Pool.


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