Vibrancy and Colour

Flags are a fantastic way to add vibrancy and colour to an event or situation. Modern dye sublimation techniques allow incredibly vivid colours to be printed right through the polyester fabric, and the movement generated by even gentle breezes attracts the eye.

Flags for any Event or Situation

We offer a number of options including popular freestanding "teardrop" and "wind-blade" style units in a variety of standard sizes as shown below. We also supply rectangular pole mounted street flags. There are wide variety of mounting options available, including ground spikes for grass and garden situations, heavy bases for sealed surfaces and wall mount brackets for vertical applications.

Portable and Easy to Store

Teardrop and Wind-Blade style flags pack down quickly and easily into surprisingly small and light flexible cases for easy transportation and storage.

Cost Effective

Because they are digitally printed, they are cost effective in any quantity, from one to hundreds.


Wind-Blade Flags

Tear Drop Flags

Tall and straight, the Wind -Blade units get attention from far away. and the almost rectangular

graphic area allows

design freedom

to get your




The distinctive attractive shape of

the Tear Drop flags makes

them very popular, and

they look great in

both exterior

and interior




5200mm x 900mm



3900mm x 700mm



2500mm x 700mm



2200mm x 700mm



3200mm x 900mm



4600mm x 1300mm


Ground Spike

Angled and

Straight Wall



Large and Small Water Bases

Floor Plates

Towball Bracket

Vehicle Wheel Bracket

Teardrop and Windblade Mounting Options

Single or Double Sided

Single side flag graphics show through clearly on both sides of the flag, but one side will be mirrored. Often this doesn’t matter, but when it is necessary to have correctly reading logos and text showing on both sides of the flag, we can double print to a block-out fabric to achieve this.


Exterior flags are definitely for promotional purposes only, their life is measured in months rather than years, particularly in Wellington's windy conditions.

Design Considerations

Designs work best with simple graphics and large blocks of bright colour. Remember, flags are decorative rather than informational, so often less is best!

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