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Versatile and innovative

A successful display often has many components, including high resolution large format printing, three dimensional lettering and effects, illuminated features, and backlit transparencies, for example. Our team is well versed in not only producing these different items, but in bringing them together to create a cohesive display which attracts attention, and then holds it

“Hi Nick, I'd just like to thank you for the great graphic work done by Concept for these 2 exhibitions. We appreciate that Concept was committed to a producing a quality product in spite of the limited budget available.

I would also like to acknowledge the work Shane has done for these shows – he brought his usual energy and eye for detail to the project, and also a big thanks to Chris who did a fine job of the graphic install.

Looking forward to working with your team again.”


Nick Clarkson

Graphic Designer

Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand

Dedicated exhibition quality printing

Unlike most of our competitors, Concept has a dedicated large format printer for interior display work


The HP Z6100 is a large format (up to 1525mm wide) machine developed specifically for the fine arts, exhibition and photography markets.


The majority of large format digital printer inks have been developed for the signage market, where the focus is very much on outdoor durability. The inevitable result is that the pigments used, while less prone to UV degradation, have considerably less vibrancy than those which can be utilised in interior situations.


The Z6100 uses HP Vivera ink, the latest in ink technology from the chemists at HP. The combination of an 8 colour ink-set coupled with the unbelievable richness and vibrancy of the Vivera inks make the output from this machine truly stunning. As well as brilliant, vivid colour, the output is notable for it’s deep, rich blacks and effortless neutral greys, resulting in black and white images that match or exceed the tonal range of traditional silver halide prints.


In spite of the huge advantages in colour range, interior durability is not compromised, with fade resistance estimated at 200+ years.


The printer also boasts 1200x2400dpi print-heads, offering print resolutions that are far superior to most “signage” biased machines.

The super fine resolutions achievable off this machine come very  close to true photo quality, with the graininess typical of traditional digital prints all but invisible.


Experienced and proven

We have extensive experience working with a number of large and notable museums. To meet the extremely high standards necessary to work at this level requires a dedication to quality which is second to none, while often working to tight deadlines at the same time. Concept have proven time and again that they can meet the challenges that this type of work presents.

“Concept provided excellent service to the Museum.   All work was produced as per the schedule in a timely manner, and the quality of print  was of a very high standard.  Where works, particularly large print,  were installed by the Concept team they were installed in an efficient manner to a very high standard.


We are grateful that Concept  was able to make space in their production schedule to enable a fast delivery of a complex batch of work at a busy time of year. ”


Bronwyn Simes

Project Development Manager

Otago Settlers Museum


Talk to our team

Remember, quality exhibition displays are not just the domain of galleries and museums, but also sophisticated retail window displays, in-store promotions, corporate boardrooms, and trade booth situations. Whatever your particular requirements are, talk to the people at Concept to get advice on what is possible, and how we can turn your ideas into reality.

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