Deloitte Building (20 Customhouse Quay)

Concept was honoured when Deloitte invited us to project manage, produce and install their landmark new building roof top signage at 20 Customhouse Quay.




Deloitte wanted four large scale illuminated logos, one on each side of the building, resulting in one of Wellington’s largest illuminated sign projects!

Concept were involved with the entire building team from the very beginning (before any ground was even broken) enabling us to not just design the manufacturing and the structure of the logos but also to integrate the design of the structure into the actual building design, utilising brackets coming out of the mullions.  The result enabled the logo to appear to ‘float’ over the glass.

Installing during the continuation of the construction of the building was tricky at times and each elevation had its own unique issues to address. Success came from a great team and lots of project management and communication!


The Deloitte building is a striking and inspirational piece of architecture and the bright illuminated signage creates a statement on Wellington's skyline both day and night.

 The interior signage included many square metres of frosted window graphics on the interior office glazing, spread over four floors, as well as illuminated 3 dimensional logos.

Graphic images representing Wellington roadway maps were cut from frosted glazing film and applied to all partner offices, meeting rooms and training rooms.    We extracted a roadmap file, computer cut and then ‘weeded’ out the roads, leaving the roads as clear glass.  This gave the desired privacy but also an aesthetic connection to the surroundings. The staff have had fun locating their homes!

The main entrance on the ground floor has an illuminated Deloitte logo created from a revolutionary new material designed especially for illumination from internally mounted LEDs. The material is 30mm thick, and has been carved into shape on our CNC machinery before the LED units are mounted inside each individual letter. The letters have then been individually mounted on the curved surface of the entrance fascia, with all electrical wiring hidden from view, resulting in a clean, bright logo welcoming visitors to the building.

The main reception sign is created from CNC shaped MDF spray painted matte black. LED illumination is concealed in the backs of the letters shining towards the wall. The result is an attractive halo illumination effect which almost makes the logo appear to float off the wall surface.


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