Big is good!

Billboards offer a more robust and longer lasting alternative to banners, and are particularly useful at larger sizes where banners can become unwieldy. They are closely related to banners in that they are produced exactly the same way, by printing directly to the same PVC fabric. The difference is that rather than being hemmed and eyeleted, the resulting "skin" is tensioned and fixed around it's perimeter to a permanent billboard frame either simply by stapling to a timber backboard, or utilising a proprietary aluminium frame.



Once the initial outlay for the framing system is past, replacing the PVC skin is a very straight-forward and surprisingly economical process.



Concept can not only design and produce the billboard skin, but also construct a billboard frame using proprietary tensioning systems, and install the skin.


Short term promotions

Billboards are by their nature promotional rather than permanent, and so are manufactured without UV  protection. This effectively means that over a period of time some fading will be inevitable, reducing their longevity. Depending on whether they are in full sunlight, as well as which direction they are facing, expect a  useful life of 6 to 12 months maximum.

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